Wallace Forge Company warrants repair or replacement of any products of its manufacture, at its option. Upon delivery to its factory, which with one year after date of sale by Wallace’s customer, is proved to the satisfaction of Wallace Forge Co. defective at the time of said sales; provided that all products claimed defective are returned properly identified to Wallace Forge Company. 

Not covered by this warranty are:

  1. Products which have been altered, changed, or repaired by someone other than the Wallace Forge Co.
  2. Defects, damages or deterioration due to normal use, exposure or wear and tear.
  3. Damages or defects due to misuse, alteration, negligence, or accident.

This warrant to repair or replace the defective products is the only warranty express, implied, or statutory, upon these products manufactured by Wallace Forge Company Inc. and the liability of Wallace Forge Company Inc. is hereby expressly limited to the repair or replacement of defective products. All other damages and warranties are hereby expressly waived by the purchaser.


  1. Follow D.O.T. regulations for installation.
  2. Do not modify or add to product.
  3. Use grade 8 bolts for mounting with proper torque.
  4. Inspect before operating for wear, deformation, damaged or missing parts and secure mounting.
  5. FOR ALL PRODUCTS: To prevent personal injury or damage, the mounting location must be capable of supporting 15% more than the maximum amount to be pulled.
  6. Do not exceed maximum capacity of product
  7. Use safety chains of proper capacity in conjunction with all towing devices at all times.
  8. Secure latch in closed position with safety pin inserted. Do not operate without safety pin in place, on pintle hooks and couplers.
  9. Use pintle hook with proper lunette.
  10. Products in our catalog are NOT for lifting.

Nothing herein expresses or implies any product warranty. 

Wallace Forge Company is not liable if products are welded or modified.

Specifications, dimensions, or designs may be changed or improved at any time without prior notice.

Consult D.O.T. regulations for INSTALLATION instructions, and operating instructions.

WARNING: This equipment should not be used or maintained in a haphazard manner. Inspect for proper installation. Inspect before use for wear and deformation requiring replacement. Replace worn parts with Wallace Forge Company replacement parts. Clean and lubricate properly. Use proper bolts for mounting with proper torque.

For additional information and support, please call 330-488-1203.